EaZyremesh Tool! A retopology plugin for Zbrush. (2019 -2022)

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EaZyremesh Tool! A retopology plugin for Zbrush. (2019 -2022)

48 ratings

Does not work with 2023. Still trying to figure out the architecture now Maxon own it.

*Free update for existing users* Re-download the plugin from your original email link.

**Update Notes**

Works with Zbrush 2022 without script errors.

Hard Surface option now added

Bug fixes: Slice it now works first time.

New Resolution Slider

UV option

Morph UVs

New "Same" resolution function with cleaner results.

Break off Masked areas for quicker prototyping.

Updated Tessimate functions for larger and higher polygon objects.

Clean mesh updated for better results and removing polygroups if needed.

The tool is now updated with some snazzy new features. Clean mask extractions in a few clicks with hard edges and good usable topology.

This tool is based on the tutorial I wrote last year, it allows you to get controllable, but not final topology, using polypaint, masking or slicing. It also gives clean extractions without jagged edges.

Original Tutorial: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/baJYqo

EaZyREMESH tutorial: https://youtu.be/TsbA1u6aYB4

I want this!

The plug in and instructions


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